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Second Life Data Visualization Competition

Page history last edited by Richard Hackathorn 15 years, 11 months ago

NOTE: This is work-in-process. Please contribute your ideas!






To stimulate creative and effective approaches to data visualization in virtual worlds (and have fun doing it!). In particular, emphasis is placed on insights into the comparative differences of data viz in SL versus data viz in the usual real world settings.




  1. Design an in-world competition (judging criteria, scoring procedure, SL facilities, data sets) that is clear, concise, and fair.
  2. Advertise the competition among SL Educators, targeting teams of undergrad students. However, open it to teams of any kind.
  3. Secure a corporate sponsor for the competition to fund a prize to the winners while getting credit for sponsoring an educational event.
  4. Network with any SL group whose interests are parallel to our objectives


An example of a well-structured contest is the recent Dobbs Challenge. Note the contest guide, forum, sample code, and $10,000 in prizes.


SL Facility


Find someone to donate a quarter sim for our competition grounds. Partition the land into 10(?) team competition areas, with the proper building rights. Deed the parcel to the 'DVTeam03' group and so forth.


Judging Criteria




Scoring Procedures




Data Sets




Sponsorship and Prizes






We need adequate lead-time to announcement to get the above right. Then, we need to allow one or two months of building and experimentation before judging. This may depend on the timing of unversity semesters and the like.




Richard Hackathorn (richardh@bolder.com)

(your name and email)



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