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Welcome to the Second Life Data Visualization wiki!


The wiki is presently locked to deter wiki spam. Please contact Melanie Swan with updates or to request a site login.


This is a community wiki, please feel free to edit it. There is a companion "Data Visualization" group in Second Life.


Project and Action Items:

  • Background: Virtual worlds are the natural evolution of the Internet into a 3d commerce, information and communication platform. Streaming data into virtual worlds for visual display and interaction is an obvious next step for data visualization.
  • Vision: Build a virtual worlds data visualization community for the purpose of collaborating, developing, sharing and using tools
  • Current Activity: Expand this wiki site as a directory of data visualization tools in Second Life, and as a list of tool designers, developers, artists, and interested parties.
  • Near-term Goals: Establish lecture and workshop meetings, design and host a competition for innovative and effective data viz in Second Life (please contribute to Second Life Data Visualization Competition page), extend tools to other virtual worlds platforms



Directory of Data Visualization Tools in SL:


Interactive Data Exhibits:

  • Data Visualization Tools area at the SciLands, SLurl
  • Embodiment Island Data Visualization Exhibit Hall, SLurl, contact Mark Dubin/ThreeDee Shepherd to exhibit material
  • NOAA real-time U.S. weather sim, SLurl
  • Daden Prime real-time LAX Air Traffic Data, SLurl, and real-time U.K. weather sim, SLurl
  • Updated Daden Prime Google Maps (and geocoded KML/RSS) now with browseable Google Maps. See review and video. SLurl
  • Drawing/sketching whiteboard/blackboard accepting graphics tablet input from a Web page. Go here SLurl and get the notecard from the blackboard and enter web-based data here. (bruce henderson)
  • Wind visualization tools at the Sustainable Energy Science Lab on Etopia Island: in-world anemometers and graphs, web-based wind roses and histograms, SLurl


Tools - scientific:

  • Euclidean Visualization Environment (EVE) - graphs 3d polynomial, exponential and trigonometric equations. Status: Available for demo (Michel Gallant/Stormbringer Blackflag, Pleiades Consulting), SLurl
  • CAIA - Cheminformatic Assisted Image Array visualization laboratory. Status: Available to view (Gus Rosania/Caia Alter), SLurl
  • Hiro's Molecule Rezzer - Rezzes molecules from a notecard. Status: OpenSLedware. (Andrew Lang/Hiro Sheridan) ONREZ SLurl
  • Histogram (20 period, real-time, on-demand stock market data), production SLurl, dev SLurl Status: Open-source download available (Melanie Swan/Xantha Oe and Eloise Pasteur)
  • Orac - Takes smi, InChI, or inchikey as input, queries three web services and rezzes the returned minimized structure in SL. Status: Available upon request. (Andrew Lang/Hiro Sheridan)
  • StoryMachine - Generic visualization tool for dynamic interactions. Status: alpha quality (Peter Miller/Graham Mills), SLurl
  • M. tuberculosis genome - touch-sensitive giant genome. Status: In development (Peter Miller/Graham Mills), SLurl
  • Protein Rezzer Toolkit - In-world rezzing of 3D protein backbone structures based on specially parsed PDB files. Status: In development (Peter Miller/Graham Mills; based on scripts by Troy McLuhan).
  • Spectral Viewer (Andrew Lang/Jean-Claude Bradley) Status: available upon request.
  • Carbon Goggles (Babbage Linden) A project to augment Second Life objects with their real world carbon emission data.
  • Prim Plotter (CAIA Alter) A tool to rez 2D/3D hyperlinked scatter plots and image arrays from an Excel spreadsheet.


Tools - enterprise:


Building-block tools to be developed:

  • Basic scatterplot
  • Drawing/sketching whiteboard accepting graphics tablet input
  • Excel SL (the Excel of SL)
  • Visual data mining tools for association, sequencing, classification, clustering and regression
  • Open source XML parser


Developers available for Data Viz application development:


Project Participants and Interested Parties (alphabetically):


Research Papers, seminars, tutorials, workshops



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